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Default Re: VOTE NO ON THE PACT ACT! everyone needs to sign this pettion!!!

I am reading through this, and byt the looks of it, it doesnt close down any business. nor does it stop the sale or delivery of the tobacco products. What this looks like it does, is give the authorites and federal govt agencies to close downa and investigate any sellers that are deemed "terrorist" involved. Not saying they wont just shut everyone down. However, it also looks like they want the ability to charge federal tobacco tax on the online orders, and make the sellers require a signature for the delivery.

I may be reading it wrong, but this is what it looks like to me. So i think if they wign it, i dont think it will ban anything, but it will allow them to govern it more. Chargemore for it, and shut down anyone they want for anything. Im not saying this is a good thing by any means, and everyone should sign the petition against this bill.

However, i dont think it is going to ban the sale and delivery of it.
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