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Default Re: Advice, KM Blue Ice

Originally Posted by merchantofmenac View Post
all KMs smoke the same...check out the reviews section for any KM chiller and that will give you a pretty good idea. As far as ordering from hookah-shisha goes....i'm not sure if you've ordered from them in the past...they're great, great customer service and everything plus on orders over $100 dollars they give you a free mya acrilic hookah which is great. Only thing is HS's prices are a little higher. I find hookah john's prices to be a little more reasonable....and ********** is also a great vendor if not the best......but i don't know if he has a free hookah offer like HS...maybe call him and ask him, you never know he might match HS offer...
Good points here. I actually just sold my mini MYA acrylic to a buddy who was in need lol. I bought it before it was offered as a free clearance hookah and it was a great little piece. After reading a lot of posts on here, it really does look like ********** would be the way to go, but that vase on HK is so GORGEOUS! Guess I'm going to look around more. The KM Americana's also look pretty awesome and price point is great, but the review Sambooka did on it makes me hesitant...
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