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Default Re: Question on Tangiers and Flavor

Originally Posted by Hayter View Post
Hmmm.. Ok. yeah it smelled like sour.. LMAO. I asked if he acclimates it, and he says he never does. (shrugs) we live in Cali and only a couple hours from whre its made and we shouldnt have to acclimate it i dont think. I dont know. I have been thinking about buying a pack, and acclimating it to try it out.

it didnt smell or taste anything like any of those. To me it justs tastes sour. Its hard to describe.
Nothing could be further from the truth. Absolute humidity fluctuates in California just like the rest of the world (although maybe not as radically). I've had batches of Tangiers that have had acclimating issues and I live in SoCal like you guys. Acclimating (again, this applies to Noir and not Lucid) no matter where you are is the key.
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