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Default Re: Stirring the *** - MYA help

In my honest opinion, I would advise you to consider one of their taller offerings. I know you're not interested, but from what I can tell, their taller more expensive models are built with much higher quality and will please you more in the long run (ask me how I know). Maybe the Mya Paragon could work? It unscrews into three different pieces (like a Syrian), so I guess you could smoke out of it short one day and tall the next.

I don't have any personal experience with the QT or Bambino. But my friend has a Diva. Which is slightly taller but it's still pretty small. It smokes really good and has lasted him through plenty of abuse. This guy has taken it to all kinds of parties, lent it to friends, and doesn't really take all that good care of it. It still smokes fine and doesn't show any signs of failing in the near future.

If you consider the Diva, my suggestion would be to get a bigger bowl and use a better hose. Oops, I just remembered, you already have a bunch of that stuff lol... You can find both of the Mya's I mentioned over at
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