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Default Re: Old, very old, School Nakhla

Originally Posted by kalutika View Post
A few thoughts.

Traveling is exciting to me regardless of the purpose. Exploration is amazing and I am sad to think that there are places that I will never visit. From grand cities to arid deserts, I want to see it all.

One of my deepest wishes is the ability to speak any language. Language is sadly a very strong barrier. Happily there will always be people who are happy to work together and make a connection.

Scars are the punctuation on the stories of our lives. But I understand. Trust me, I do.
Kalutika my friend thanks for the input. It's good to hear from people that are bit more perceptive then I. My skills at languages didn't always suck since at a time I knew Lithuanian and several tongues indigenous to Southern Africa but I lost that over the years. It would be super cool to be smart enough know a good 8 or so tongues fluently but at my age learning is sorta hard.

I never really thought about my travels as anything more then a situation i'm thrust into and often I feel detached from where ever I am. I suppose I view my self wondering around in an empty field that contains the people I deal with and I see my surroundings as sensations rather then anything I feel is meaningful outside of what ever experiences come along. I don't think that is how things are just what happens.

As to scars, well, most of my stories are ones I wish I never heard told and I wonder why I am around to tell them when I shouldn't be.
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