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Default Re: Old, very old, School Nakhla

Originally Posted by MC_Gatty View Post
Is this really only the present or have you always found yourself wandering into awesome adventures like this? I started lurking HP a while ago and it seems like every topic you create falls somewhere between impressive and awe-inspiring.

Very neat story though. I would love to try "proper" middle eastern tobacco, but I am not really confident enough in my abilities yet. Any recommendations on what to try first? The most authentic thing I've smoked is Double Apple, haha. My friend and I are interested in zaghloul and the like though.
Well I have led a pretty strange life or, at times it seems, like several. I suppose tyche/the norns or what have you have permitted me to met some amazing people which help the mind work more keenly and stimulate my senses for the better. I don't suppose I ever thought of what I do as impressive. I'd use the word curious but yeah, i've got some pretty far out stories. I don't write up most of them although the penguin and balloon ones are pretty funny do to lack of time.

As to ability, Arabs, Persians and Turks are pretty hospitable and more then willing to teach people cool stuff. Personally I am huge fan of Desi Merli although Zaghloul and AF Soft Black are great as well.
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