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Default Re: ******* hookah QL vs 3 king

Originally Posted by unicycleboy3190 View Post
so the only place to get things around here is a tobacco store but there is only 2 in town and they carry 3 king QL coals, i like them but the taste and the "QL" about them normal takes about a min after lighting to fully light and thats with blowing on them.

So my question is should i ditch the 3 kings and take up ******* hookah QL cause i have heard great things from them and i think i would like to try them but i dont have the cash for some right now

what do you guys think?? ditch or just deal with it??
I have personally not had good experience with the ******* hookah coals. I tried both the "naturals" and the quick lights. I thought the naturals would replace cocos since they were cheaper to buy at my local store, but they are most definitely less compressed than cocos. I'm almost positive they burn out quicker and the cocos ashing seems to be unsurpassed. I really can't get passed the odor the ******* QL's give off.

I give all coals a fair chance and try to use them regularly for at least a few weeks before I make my decision. I buy cocos and three kings in bulk. This is my opinion though, everyone's hookah technique is a little different so maybe it depends.
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