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Default Re: ******* hookah QL vs 3 king

Originally Posted by KillerB View Post
CH QLs are the only quicklights. The rest dont exist in my universe.
Quoted for truth. I have found that anything coconut based is better then wood based. I got a roll of 3kings QLs a week ago, I used it 4 times then threw the rest away, the taste was unbearably strong and overpowered the shisha tenfold. I tried some natural japenese style coals and they were okay but still had some coal taste to them.

I now only use CH QLs beccause they are affordable, have decent stamina (45mins-60mins), smell good when lighting (reminds me of 4th of july!), and finally and most importantly they don't add taste to the shisha. I can almost promise you that if you get some CH coals you will think your shisha was replaced with 10x better tasting shisha. On the side of ashing I have to say CH nats make me a sad panda, they burn off into very fine, powder like ash that is takin up by the slightest wind and also gets easily sucked into the foil . But the CH QL's ash tends to be in chunks and doesnt even come off of the coal until I grab it with my tongs, and even then it falls off into clumps that are too heavy to move enless you blow on them hard and nothing goes into your foil .
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