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Default Re: is this the best hookah for around $100?

Mya makes a good hookah. They're a bit restrictive as far as airflow is concerned. But I suspect you could take just about any Mya or KM and you'll be happy with it. Personally, I'd take most Mya hookahs over a KM for group settings. The Mya pyramid style glass has a huge footprint that isn't likely to ever knock over. At least not from just tugging the hose a little too hard. Egyptian hookahs are usually taller and the basic egyptian glass has an unreasonably small footprint for something so tall. Plus, the KMs aren't as travel friendly as Myas are.

Seems to me that if you already have a KM, you ought to get a Mya for group smoking.

One unlikely benefit I see in my Mya hookahs is that because the airflow is a bit restricted, heat management isn't as crucial. Provided the taste is intact, you don't notice the harshness so much because it takes longer to draw. This is another reason I find the Mya hookahs good for groups. Especially for new smokers in a group who aren't as acclimated to smoking yet.

Just some thoughts.

All that said though, I'd stay away from the acrylic. It really feels cheap. I know in my local shop they have some nice looking Mya Hookahs in the 24" range for about $75. I've never seen that good a deal online though. So, for 100 bucks, maybe the acrylic would be about as good as you'd do.
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