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Originally Posted by bigguy
I use 33mm ql 3 kings coals
I smoke El Nakhla and Al Amir as they came with the hookah
30" KM hookah
3 hose
Hookah 2 weeks old
stock bowl that comes with the hookah

I have been pluging the one hole and just using the two holes.

I have checked the hose to base for leaks and did not find any. I will put it all together and see if I can find any air leaks.

Thanks for any help.

about the coals,, i dont think 33mm 3kings is that good, if you can get the 40mm 3k would be better,
try getting another brand of tobacco such as al fakher or starbuzz,
a 1 hose hookah would give better smoke,

it all matters the way you prepare the bowl, and how much water you put,
when you prepare your bowl, make sure of you dont let the tobacco touch the foil, also make sure you keep your tobacco in an air tight container, so it will be fresh,
make small holes on the foil, what i do is, i make the holes to cover the coal, then make 1 hole in each side where the coal wont be, and i place the coal, in the middle.. but then if you are using natural then you should make the hoses all around the bowl.

also make sure to use a wind cover, it will bost your smoke
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