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Default health thing - CO poisoning

Just remembered something that happened this summer. I was at the beach in something that's like a hippie colony/heavy metal village type resort. There was this tent set up by the government to help youths quit smoking. They had this thing, like the alcohol meters the police uses, that measured CO (carbon monoxide). People just started lining up so they could see who got the highest score. I don't really smoke cigarettes, I only smoked one that day but it was like 5 minutes since I finished a hookah session. I got a 46 (maximum 50) which apparently equaled 3 packs a day on their charts. A friend that smokes 2 packs got like 20. So where I't trying to say is - while smoking a hookah may have almost 0 tar and less nicotine, it still has more monoxide, which is still way better than cigs if one maintains an otherwise healthy lifestyle.
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