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Default Re: Man, I can see why you guys all love Nakhla..

I have pretty much come to the conclusion that anything besides Nahkla is worst than Nahkla...make sense?! goood.

I just love how with each nahkla flavor I get a good flavor from all the components of the shisha. Take for example HH/HF tobacco: Their flavors are excelent and theey have a huge variety (+1 for blends!) but the honey/glycerin they use combined with their tobacco gives it a really nasty chemical taste even with the most overpowering flavor additives. Same goes for similar shishas like JMs. Starbuzz and Tangiers are the only ones I can say are similar to nahkla in being a balanced and consistent shisha...but they are both way over-priced for their product and are both just trying to slap a name brand onto fad smokers. Nahkla is the king of all shisha and will always be stocked in my stash.
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