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Default Re: Coconara's Or CocoBrico's ? and Phunnel Or Vortex?

To me it comes down to situation on the bowl: for just me I use a vortex, and if I have more friends I use a phunnel, longer sessions with the phunnel. Also keep in mind the type of tobacco you smoke, I find that anything that is very heat tolerant (Nahkla) is better in a phunnel because of the shallowness of the bowl. While anything like Al Fakher or any other smaller cut shisha is best is a vortex.

Coal wise I would say neither and get some ******* Hookah coals. They are far superior overall for me...just my personal opinion. I have tried almost every other coal on the market and as far as I am concerned CH coals are the only ones worth the money...might I add the little money they cost as well! :P
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