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Default Re: What's coming for you?

Way to stimulate the economy there Sammn! LOL

I have 100 g each of Hookah Freak Ambrosia, Blueberry Pancakes and Cherry Vanilla Float. Ordered it from Hookah Hookah yesterday so I could get the free Cyclone Pyrex bowl they offered with $10 purchase on V day only. I have e mailed them 3 times now (2 in response to 2 e mails they sent me and 1 sent through the site) but haven't heard back yet. They like to play games with shipping charges. I was quoted on price over the phone for my total order and another (higher of course) total was in the e mails they sent as the charged amount. I don't know what it is with some hookah vendors these days when it comes to getting shipping charges right. First MN Hookah pulls the crap they pulled and now Hookah Hookah. (Sigh) Might have to order from only 2 or 3 companies that haven't done me wrong from now on.

UPDATE! Hookah Hookah has corrected this problem. If only MN Hookah were as forthcoming.
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