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Default Re: First km hookah, exotica ? or something else ?

Originally Posted by thisisonecrazy View Post
Currently i have a 22" generic Egyptian hookah which smokes alright but im looking for something better.

looking to spend around $100, and the hookah is commonly used on the go (so easy travel) and with multiple people.

is this a better hookah then what i have now?

also is there a better recommendation from that you know of ?

(btw i really perfer clear bowl so i can check the water level, and im a guy )

thanks in advance
Why not wait and see what the Hobo Nargile is like man, why not? you have a home hookah you might as well get a travel piece (something a KM will not be ... unless you want to retrofit a sax case)

from what it sounds like its going to be pretty awesome if they change the amount of things they wanted to change from the original HoboHookah.

just a thought ... (I still want a KM and know the feeling of wanting one lol)
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