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Default HappyThanksGiving Everyone! Need some help...

So this is my first time posting on HookahPro..loving the site so far.


In slew of all the black friday sales, ive decided i can bite the bullet and by some much needed supplies.

I've decided on some CocoNaras, a Vortex bowl, and a new hose...

heres the current hookah is only 18", i was really liking the Narbish, but was worried the long handle would cause some tipping issues, and that once i receive a hose, it wont fit my hose adapter =/

So today i was looking at the Razan Abu Mahir, i like that its very similar to the Narbish, but the hose port end is much smaller than the Narbish.

Just figured it would be smart to ask whether the Razan would cause a lot of tipping, and if it will even fit my hookah.

Thanks, and Happy Turkey Day Everyone!!
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