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Default Black Friday Order!!

Looked at the Black Friday HJ specials, and decided it was time to upgrade my crappy Havana Hookah to the REAL DEAL. Is the Double Blue Trimetal a solid KM? The savings on it ($110 from $144) seemed too good to pass up! Also new is trying out Nakhla Sweet Melon... I'm already a big fan of Mizo Watermelon! Will I be amazed by this new KM

1 473 Khalil Mamoon Blue Double Trimetal
Price Each: $110.00
CH Hookah Coal Discounted Upgrade:CH Hookah Instant Lite Coconut Coals +$10.99
$120.99 $120.99

1 012 Nakhla 250g
Price Each: $9.95
Nakhla Flavors:Mizo Watermelon +$2.00
$11.95 $11.95
1 012 Nakhla 250g
Price Each: $9.95
Nakhla Flavors:Sweet Melon (CAN) +$2.00
$11.95 $11.95
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