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Default HELP noob about to make a shisha order

Hey all,

so I'm gunna start by saying I'm new here. I've been smoking hookah for about a year now but am just recently starting to really get into it. I generally smoke romman or starbuzz cause the shop next to me sells it. I'm just looking for some guidelines I guess. I've looked all over the internet and haven't found quite the info I'm looking for. What I'm looking for:

I read alot about how brands are very personal. But what I'm looking for is why? What are the characteristics of each brand so I can figure ou what suits me. I've figured out that starbuzz and romman are real juicy but that's about it. I like fruity but sometimes mint or cola just taste so good so I'm gunna try and get a well rounded order. So far I've come up with:

nahkla Mizo mint (250g)
al fakher cola, berry, and mixed fruit (250g each)
romman sweet melon, and choco mint (125g each)

I think that covers a good amount of the bases, and should last a while. Any comments? Recommendations? Which is generally a more consistent inexpensive alternative to romman? Nahkla? Al fakher?

First and foremost is the smoke density. I'm pretty sure thats my priority. But I would also like something that is pleasurable to smoke and not just burned. Any information or anything would be awesome. I'm pretty ive checked thouroughly as to make sure this isn't a repost or anything.

Thanks in advance! And let me know if Im missing any key info.

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