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Default Re: HELP noob about to make a shisha order

Originally Posted by linerndunch110 View Post
I'm not having smoke problems or anything, I've just heard that some shisha doesn't produce any. I think a dimmly lit smoky room is the ideal "relax" setting. So that why I say That it's a priority. It gives me the vibe for the session. I've been in sessions where the smoke has been kinda lacking and the vibe just didn't do it for me.

I've heard about the nahkla punch and am prepared ha. Thanks for the all the info guys!
i know what u mean. i have black lights, chill music, and some shisha. makes my sessions super relaxing and perfect imo. for better smoke outta your shisha.

to get better smoke outta your bowls u can try to get your bowl a little hotter but don't burn the shisha/make the flavors too harsh with too much heat. sometimes juggling a windcover, adding more bowl ventilation, or adding a coal can make all the difference. u can also add ice to the base to chill the base (watch your water lvl's though don't want them too high or too low. ruins smoke or your throat). also allow your shisha some time to warm up b4 you start hitting the hookah.

no probs man. take a look at the reviews section of this forum as well. theres a ton of info from these guys if u check it out you can get a feel for the flavors that r pretty popular.
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