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Default Having troubles with my KM (and Vortex)--help me?

Hey all. Recently purchased + received a 29 inch trimetal KM from John. It's a lovely rig, although I feel like I'm not getting the maximum I can get out of it. I feel like the smoke is thick for about 15-20 minutes, then it dies out. I use 3 CH instant lite coals (school, so it's silly to buy a coil burner now. getting one in summer) on a vortex bowl.

The Vortex didn't fit properly on. I used electrical tape as a sort of grommet, and it works fine now. Although, I think I am not packing the Vortex right. I watched videos, and people talked about getting ~2 hours on their Vortex, but with me and one other friend smoking, we get about an hour TOPS. We've smoked only Starbuzz now, but I'm mainly a Naklha smoker

Also, it feels/sounds as if the KM hose is a tinyyyyy bit to small for the stem opening. I feel as if it doesn't fit snug into it, it may be me though. Any ideas if I can test this out/fix it if true.

I'd love to get longer sessions and huge clouds with this hookah, as its a beautiful rig. But unless I fix these things, it might not get as much love as it should from me. Help?
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