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Default Re: Having troubles with my KM (and Vortex)--help me?

Originally Posted by slick_johnson View Post
For bowl and hose fitting, just wrap a strip of wet paper towel to the thickness necessary to create a good seal. As far as your session duration with the Vortex, I have never gotten 2 hrs out of mine, only about 1.5. You have to remember that you are smoking with another person and that will always burn the flavor up quicker. Oh, and if you were going to use the Vortex with Nakhla, don't worry about it. It's not wet enough to need it. Nakhla smokes just fine in Egyptian bowls.
what r you packing the majority of the time slick and how much heat? and def don't need a vortex for nak. i only use it on my super washed shisha like my sb or fumari.

and have u thought about about going two coals and juggling a windcover instead of 3 coals? its what i do and most of the time it displaces plenty of heat to my bowl. might help ya gain a bit more length to your bowls
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