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Default Re: KM HAFA or syrian?

Originally Posted by stino89 View Post
And i wanted to buy from usa site (even if i had to pay 80$ shipping) .
but i tried hookahpro, hookahkings, hookah-shisha... and all the same: declined.

I can pay on though... but you don't have km their.

does a standard chamber make that big difference? i thought the only difference was the airflow...
The issue is not with the gauge of the downstem like people might say- you actually get a better flavor with a slightly tighter draw. Look at it this way, when a traditional chamber purges, the air from the hose port is aimed away from the purge valve, meaning most of the smoke will leave the purge valve. When a common chamber purges, the air leaves at the hose port and is basically aimed at the purge valve because of the fact the chamber is open, this means only the smoke off the top makes it out of the base. This is what you have to deal with. Thats why that straw method works so well to make it better.

As for the plated part, yes, plated chambers are pointless because they do not work differently than the regular common ones and they are basically impossible to clean. I would cut off the plate when you get it.

The KM Hafa is less impressive by looks, however better by design than that "syrian"

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