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Originally Posted by FusionX View Post
keep your elite business in your private elite section or maybe via Elite Members Only email ListServs

Every time I see something like this pop-up in the public forum, I can't help but to think about those annoying sales pitchers and all the teasing & pleasing they do to close the sale. Not trying to be rude or anything, but this has happened a lot in the past couple months. We already know it pays to be an elite and there is some cool stuff going on there. Is this teasing really necessary? Maybe the site is in financial trouble?
FusionX, I want to make something very clear and I'm going to do it publicly. It is neither yours, nor any other members place to instruct HP staff as to what and where to post ANYTHING! We post these alerts to inform our elite members of information that they should be immediately aware of. Our elite members have been kind enough to make a donation to our community. The same community that everyone is allowed to enjoy free of charge. It is their donations that keep us up and running and facilitate improvements to our site. The same site that you use FREE OF CHARGE! If, in the future you come across such alerts, AND YOU WILL, I would advize you simply pass it over and move on!
have a nice day! AR
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