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Default New hookah store

Well, a few minutes ago I went to this new Mediterranean store about 2min from my house. As I was walking around, I sensed that there they would have some type of hookah stuff there...I could just feel it. I finally come upon an isle that said Charkol, at the end of that isle I had found an oasis of hookah stuffs, Nakhla, Al Fakher, and two other brands I have never heard from, one started with a J, maybe something like junuo or idk. Another brand was called 360. Also they had lots of Zaghoul....A flavor that I dont smoke too much, but its nice once a month or so. And the weirdest part was that they had the Al Fakher healthy hoses for 1.99...I just went online like 2 days ago and ordered 5 of them plus shipping, oh well. But from what I could see, most of the hookahs were generic. Decent looking generics i might ass though. Plus they had a nice collection of some bad ass coal holders.

With all this being said, Has anyone heard of those weird tobacco brands? Also, do you like AF lemon?
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