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Default Re: New hookah store

Originally Posted by Coldgr33ntea View Post
Well, a few minutes ago I went to this new Mediterranean store about 2min from my house. As I was walking around, I sensed that there they would have some type of hookah stuff there...I could just feel it. I finally come upon an isle that said Charkol, at the end of that isle I had found an oasis of hookah stuffs, Nakhla, Al Fakher, and two other brands I have never heard from, one started with a J, maybe something like junuo or idk. Another brand was called 360. Also they had lots of Zaghoul....A flavor that I dont smoke too much, but its nice once a month or so. And the weirdest part was that they had the Al Fakher healthy hoses for 1.99...I just went online like 2 days ago and ordered 5 of them plus shipping, oh well. But from what I could see, most of the hookahs were generic. Decent looking generics i might ass though. Plus they had a nice collection of some bad ass coal holders.

With all this being said, Has anyone heard of those weird tobacco brands? Also, do you like AF lemon?
Bwahahahaha, sorry just had to do it. Great find though. I just went to a store like that I had been told about yesterday and it had the Great Wall o' Nakhla.
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