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Default Re: licence to smoke

Actually when I lived in New Mexico I loved most of what the state had to offer in terms food, physical beauty and the people were pretty laid back for the most part. What I did not like was the crapped out economy, gangs, racial issues, crooked cops and the hassles I got when i smoked in public. Still, New Mexico is overall one of the best places to live in the states provided you're not poor or poor but with a lot of family locally.

While I bitch a lot about the evils of what is happening in the U.S. and i'm glad to be gone i'd say the UK is clearly worse although America will be as bad in a few years.

In most ways the rest of Europa is bestter then the states at this point although the Baltics and Eastern Europa are the best of the region by far.

If the UK does impose this crazy license i'll bet the result will be about what happened when Canada went crazy with tobacco taxes. Basically, Canada created a huge black market which brought organized crime and violence with it.
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