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Default Re: Opinions on the Khalil Maamoon Copper Heart Special Edition 3 Hose Hook

Originally Posted by ngraz617 View Post
I don't know which one you're getting, what color vase? I bought the double pearl 2 hose black/silver from them. The copper heart is heavier than the one I got I assume, I'm assuming similar to the tri metal except I don't think it has brass which is the heaviest part of the tri metal stem. It smokes great regardless, similar to my 34" tri metal 1 hose. The chiller is a nice feature if you're going to use it, I decided it would have been just a hassle for me to deal with after the novelty wore off and decided not to get the chiller version. Anyway the KM multi hose hookahs smoke great and when you plug the hose adapters smokes like a 1 hose KM. I went from a two to four hose Mya 26" to the 2 hose KM and it's night and day, you just have to get your friends to remember to plug their hoses when someone else is hitting it which for some reason is no easy thing to do but once they get that down they smoke great. The Mya is a much more restricted draw than the KM. I think you'll be very happy with it. My friend just got a 29" KM 2 hose tri metal from and it is awesome. If I didn't have a deep sink with a pull out faucet the size would be a major problem so take the cleaning of such a big hookah into consideration. I wouldn't want to be cleaning it in the tub or shower or with a hose. They are definitely a pain to clean since they don't come apart like the Mya and I find myself using my small mya a lot for this reason. Which color are you getting? I don't see a limited edition. Another thing to remember is that it only comes with one hose and if you're like me I needed my second hose to be the same and even though they discount the second and third hose it adds a lot of money to the hookah. A three hose is a party hookah and imo for that you can get a three or four hose MZ from them with the hoses for $79.00 less 30% or a Temsah 4 hose from the on sale right now from 130.00 to 89.00 less hookahpro discount 15% for $77 and it's a heavy hookah and it comes with all 4 hoses and is 36" and according to Hookah John Temsah is a great heavy hookah of KM quality and both don't use the auto seals so they smoke without restriction, then you can buy yourself a nice 1 hose KM for yourself unless you always smoke with friends then I would go with the KM and not worry about how it will smoke, it will smoke great. I'm just throwing everything out there that I have learned and know. There are a lot of things to consider but you never go wrong with KM.
He linked to it in the OP. It is indeed a trimetal and it does not have a chiller.
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