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Default Re: Just received some fun stuff

Originally Posted by Scoop
im positive i have a nammor heh. 2 of them actually.

right where the mouthpiece plugs in, in mine, there is a rubber grommet that sits in it.
originally i didn't know it was there, the plug came off and it fell out when i was washing it with hot water.
it fell out before and the seal with the mouthpiece wasn't perfect and it leaked, until i plumbers taped the shit out of it and now it stays in and doesn't leak.
I had the same prob with my razan. I just pushed the mouthpiece in more and it solved everything.

Grrr but my stupid brother freaking broke off the handle! I was smoking and he was trying to make a lame joke about hookah...He grabbed the handle WHILE I was holding it and then the handle broke off at the bottom

Hehe then I saw that there was a grommet there at the bottom of the handle and I could see the inside of the hose. It really looks similar to the inside of the Nammor, it has then sort of green plastic lining.

I fixed it my just putting a lot of pressure when I reattached the handle into the hose. It isn't as easy as it sounds tho! It took me a while to get it airtight again...ugh my bro is a retard lol

SORRY if it sounds REALLY confusing! :P
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