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Default Re: What is you're hookah history? :O

I started smoking cigars close to three years ago. I tried western pipes shortly after that.

I had a friend that owned a hookah but he used it for something other than hookah tobacco, so I refused to smoke with him even though the offer was daily. It seemed so nice. Eventually I got to smoke hookah with nothing but tobacco in the bowl and I never looked back.

Bought a three hose rotator from H-S and it treated me fairly well for what it was. As I learned more I realized it's short comings.

I joined this forum and learned some amazing things. I have been an active member ever since and plan on being one for a long time.

Eventually I bucked up and bought a Nour Syrian. Pretty much stopped using the rotator entirely. My Nour is still one of my favorites.

Later I bought my KM Double Trimetal which is still my most recent aquisition.

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