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Default Re: What is you're hookah history? :O

My first hookah memory was at a goth event that had a hookah garden set up outside the building. I met my boyfriend (still with him for 4+ years now) there and he showed me how to hold your thumb over the hose so the other person could smoke. Now he doesn't even smoke with me at home! I was wearing shoes so big I could hardly walk in them, causing me to trip and knock over two hookahs. (eep!) Later in the night I sat down on what I thought was a bench, (everything was covered in rugs and blankets) but it turned out to be a table with a hookah on it and I knocked that over, too. Needless to say, it was SUPER embarrassing.

We used to go to Oasis, a local lounge by ASU. The music there was much too loud, and the food was terrible but it was awesome just because they didn't ID me to get in lol.

We got our first hookah (a small chinese)a few months later from a friend. He lived with his parents, who didn't appreciate him smoking, so he just gave it to us. It disappeared in a move a while later, but by that time we had already purchased our second hookah, which was an awesome custom blown glass one made by a friend of ours. It was thin glass, though and it was broken when our cat knocked it over. I went without a hookah for about a year and a half, then I got the one I have now. It's a big chinese, but it smokes well enough for me. I also have a pumpkin that I just got in - I ordered a different mini-hookah but the website I got it from royally screwed up my order so I'm stuck with it. :P

I used the pumpkin in line for black friday, however, which was pretty neat. I've also taken it to work a couple of times now.

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