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Default Re: What is you're hookah history? :O

No one in my family ever smoked hookah. Being that I was a nice goody two shoes growing up, smoking hookah was my one vice I was willing to do.As I was a freshman in high school when I first started smoking and for close to 8 years I smoked with my friends at this one location... we saw the place go through 5 owners and two re-modelings. My father who was never one to smoke hookah, just cigars and pipe tobbaccy, wound up getting lung cancer and passing away. This wasn't a deterrent for my smoking surprisingly. I Adopted my friends generic Chinese rotator in college and another friend bought a mya qt to leave at my house. over the years I have acquired another hookah (mya bohemian) and made 3 of my own. Though I haven't purchased any I now have 6 hookahs. Out of the 6, surprisingly we smoke the Qt and one of my homemade rigs the most( ).
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