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Default The Syrian has arrived!!! (lots of pics inside)

Well actually, I've already had it in my posession for about a week. I didn't have a chance to snap pics unitl now due to work/school. Anyway, I bought this 29" Syrian from Jimmy/J and R. Jimmy was great to purchase from. He answered all my questions promptly and helped find the "look" that I was going for. He basically did a custom set up stem for me, and matched it to the style vase I wanted.

I will be doing a review as soon as I get a chance. I've owned/used my 30" Mya for a long time, so I need to give that one it's proper review first (it's only fair). I also believe that just like you can't get to know a person in one week, the same goes for hookahs. So once I get to know her a bit better, then I'll write a review. Here are some pics for now...

The base:

The Custom Stem

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