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Idk how your hole pattern is, but if you have too many with a funnel, the amount air pressure exerted through each hole will be less, causing the air to only reach a certain depth. In the case of too many holes, the hot air will focus mostly on the top layer of shisha, applying to much heat to one area over the entire session. if you poke less holes, the result will be an airflow that reaches forcefully down to the bottom of the bowl, through all the shisha, and up through the funnel. keep the shisha loose (except for tangiers), making sure it has enough airflow to the bottom of the bowl. This will result in unprecedented flavor and smoothness of smoke. You may likely need less heat. Because of the large opening of the funnel in the funnel bowl, one will not need as many holes. make sure, though, that the holes are spaced to allow an even flow of air from each coal, such as the three ring pattern, with the rings closer together, or a lot of really tiny holes as with a needle.
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