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Default Re: Need SERIOUS help! *4 Hookahs involved*

rgallego i bought it! Sorry I took so long, but finals are killing me lol. Yea you were right, i went through so much trouble to buy the 30 inch al fakher that I should've just followed what you said from the beginning and saved me 2 days of internet work. I have a buddy that studies in the states and comes back every holiday. I wanted to use the 30% discount from hookahstore to get the beautiful heart of lion trimetal but they rejected my card because it was international. Then I ordered from alfakheronline and they called my friend saying they couldn't charge me. So... in the end I just decided to go for it with hookah-shisha and get some shisha and my buddy will bring it so I saved myself money from shipping. How is the 36inch? Is they hype dead on with this one? I'm crossing my fingers to be blown away after smoking for a year and a half from a QT.
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