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Default Thinking my hookah might be dead..

My hookah is very similar to this model: but it has a different base and is more chrome. I'm sure it's Chinese, and has a common chamber. Every time I smoke for the past week or so, I can't seem to get it to stop scratching my throat.

I'm not being a noob here. I know how to pack a bowl correctly and I've tried washing my hookah out, different shisha etc but I seem to have a throat tickle every time and it's really bugging me. I couldn't even smoke my Nak DA that I just got after about 15 minutes. The flavor tastes good and isn't tickly up until the point that the smoke actually becomes nice and fluffy.

My Question: Could this be a sign that my hookah has gone bad? I can't seem to get it out of my head after seeing that thread about rusty common chambers.
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