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Default Re: Thinking my hookah might be dead..

This hookah was fashioned with care from top to bottom. Its stylish brass shaft is made of stainless steel that disassembles for easy cleaning .With a thick red glass base adding extra curve your smoking enjoyment will always be enhanced by this unique expression and design.
First unscrew the works so that you have the heart on its own Btw the purge and Hoseport should unscrew as well next turn the heart around so that the chamber plate is up most you notice that there is no weld but a fold over joint for the top of the heart onto the chamberplate the next step is to pry up that joint going slowly until you have gone right around that should alow the chamber plate prtion to come out of the heart. Next I clean the rust and gunk out of the heart and plate then I took a grinder and ground away the pried up portion just leaving a lip for the chamberplate to sit in and went searching for an o-ring of the right size to fit between the chamberplate and the heart. Then by reasembling the stem it should be held together. and work as before.
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