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Default Re: Thinking my hookah might be dead..

Originally Posted by skywirest View Post
I had trouble with my hookah which is comparable to yours. In all honesty, with respect to AF shisha, you really have to add ice to the base and keep low heat on it or it will be harsh no question about it. I am not a noob either, but I have had the tendency to want to overheat my shisha and that will cause the harshness every time. My suggestion would be to stop using quick lights, I know they are easy and "quick" but I have a scratchy throat nearly every time I use them.
I've been getting the same result with Nak, AF, and SB, with different heat management techniques. I only use QLs with my pumpkin because I'm usually not in a place with a coil burner when I use it. I use CocoNaras normally.

Originally Posted by kingboyb View Post
Drinking something might be the key. Also, I would make sure that your hose (if "washable") is clean before each session.
I'll make sure to try drinking something when I get home, but my hose is not washable.
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