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Default Re: smoke thickness help

i smoke inside normally so i think it helps my clouds, i pack fluffier as well, windcover at times but i get great clouds imo. what type of shisha are you packing in both? also r you ashing your coals enough? because even if you have 3 coals if your not ashing them enough your not gunna get that direct heat your looking for. i try to ash around every 5-10 mins. make sure your penetrating the foil well because after u punch the foil the foil sometimes flips back up. the other thing ive noticed with my vortex is that it gets clog'd easier than egyptians so you really have to work to clean it. >_< i know its super basic stuff but every little thing is soo critical in smoking ive found

if its not your vortex who's setting up your rig?

o one other thing i forgot to ask. r you getting too much water in your base (i mean with the ice? when it dissolves into water does it fill your base alot further because ive seen where that happens when i put alot of ice in my base and it decreases my smoke)

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