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Default Re: The Police State and My Narghile

I.. cant even describe the words that i want to say right now...

How could an officer representing the "Law" act so idiotic.

I was at the lake once and i guess the 'Owner' of the lake saw me smoking hookah, he walks up to me and says "You need to put away you're (NHR Object)"

I looked at the guy like hes an idiot, as did my friends. I told him its a Hookah and he said, Hookah, (NHT Object), I dont care, you gotta put it away. So instead of causing a scene and chewing him out, i just put away my little pumpkin hookah and pissed in his lake.

Pisses me off when people are so uneducated about other peoples lifestyles and believe what the media says. I like cops when they help, not when they abuse their powers. I have some relatives in the police department (Chicago) and he took me on a tour in the station, i met the Chief and other cops, seemed real nice. But...still...

That annoys the shit out of me Hajo... I hope you're enjoying your stay wherever you are!
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