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Default Re: Decked-out Hookahs

I have a KM 2010 series 9 chiller and have a Blue and Gold JUMBO vase for it, not only is it an upgrade in style and looks, but It holds 3x the Ice that a standard mya vase or the stock KM vase can hold. When I ice up my hookah now, I can keep it icy cold for 5-6 hours just because of the incredible amount of Ice I can fit in the base. Its a $60 dollar vase though, but its worth it and the quality of the glass is superb and heavier than any other glass vase on the market I believe. For instance, the stock KM vase is a little over 2 pounds and this JUMBO vase is a little over 3 pounds. Its HUGE and really brings out the beauty in any KM hookah.
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