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Default Re: Id like to try Tangiers shisha but,

In my opinion, people WELL over exaggerate tangiers temperament and need for acclimation. When I buy tangiers I'll open the package, load a bowl without ever getting a min of acclimation time, and let the rest of the package sit out in a container opened up allowing air to hit it. Whenever I'll go to the kitchen I'll mix the tobacco up to help acclimate and keep doing so for a few hours. Prolly 5 or 6 hours will be good. Tangiers NOIR is the ONLY tobacco I smoke, It is amazing. Don't let other peoples stories and bad experiences discourage you. Try it for yourself and make your decision then. My recommendation for the first time order of tangiers is Chocolate mint or Lemon. They are amazing and will utterly surprise the crap out of you with the intense flavor that is dead on to the description. Good luck.
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