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Default Re: Which brands of shisha did you try yet?

Al fakher (Its alright and easy to smoke for beginners)
starbuzz (Easiest to load and manage for beginners, good flavor and durration, highly reccommend for beginners)
afzal (Terrible tobacco, the only nice thing about it is the free hose condoms)
hookah hookah (All kinds, including their herbal shisha, which is actually extremely good and has long lasting flavor.)
soex (Terrible beyond words)
fantasia (Very flavorful, if not the same as starbuzz, then better)
romann (The only time I smoked this was at a friends house and it was EXTREMELY dry and when I smoked it I felt like I was in the middle of the desert smoking a tumbleweed or somthing. Not very good, maybe it was just a little old or too dry. Don't know if all Romann is like this or if it was just luck of the draw.)
al waha (Only good flavor I ever had from it is Apricot)
layalina (including gold, which is just as crappy as the original and alsways makes me sick)
tonic (Not bad, reminds me of starbuzz)
fusion (I always called it the sister of Starbuzz because its nearly exactly the same except I believe it has a few more stems then starbuzz)
pharoahs (Terrible tobacco and it makes me sick)
AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST, MY FAVORITE, TANGIERS!!!!!!!! (Never tried the lucid but I love the F-Line and NOIR!

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