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Default Re: The Police State and My Narghile

For the most part I didn't really have any trouble with American police. Once a cop thought that my cavendish was sort of illegal something or other and tested it in a little vial and decided that it was o.k. For the most part I saw American police as inept and lazy rather then as aggressive. The mainstream of American culture never suited me but in the end what made me leave was some legal stuff with the national government. In the end life in Lithuania is much better but I spend so little time there that I starting to feel more like a perpetual tourist. I also have a little flat on Arwad island (owned by Syria) and the locals are great and the life style is pretty good although I only am there about a month out of the year so I can't say I really get local life. Not knowing Arabic doesn't help but oddly it seems that I run into English speakers all the time.

The thing I miss most about America is some of the South/South West foods and Moxie soda. The good news is that I have friends that get me Hatch green chile and pasole so it works out pretty.
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