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Default Re: Id like to try Tangiers shisha but,

Tangiers is made extremely consistent. It's inconsistent only if you don't know how to smoke it. I never have any problem with any flavors. I smoke lucid and noir. It's simple to get to work really. Just has a learning curve to about 500g of the stuff. Once you have that down you won't be disappointed. Tangiers has flavors and blends no one else has. It has the best cut imo. A nice thick cut and it's not easy to burn. It has the most endurance of any tobacco that I've seen yet. In a large tangiers phunnel the non-harsh, non-BBQ tasting awesome flavor/clouds will last me for a good 8 hours or more. I can also leave the shisha in the bowl and just pick up where I left off the next day. I've been smoking hookah over a year now and I don't see it being that hard at all to get it to smoke great.
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