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Default Re: What do you use? - coals

Do you use Quicklites? Japanese Silver tabs? Natural wood? I only use Natural coals.

What brand, what size, if natural - material used (lemon wood, olive wood, cocoshell, ect) and formation type (finger, bulk lump/chunks). I use the CronicHookah or starlight natural coals. I have used a few other types and these two brands are more consistant in size of the coals and the heat distrovution than any of the others I have used.

Both makers of coals make square coals. The Cronic Hookah coals are a bit larger than the starlight. They both have unifom sizes, so all of the coals are the same size. ************* is the best when it comes to uniformity though IMO.

And last but not least, how to you light them and how many in a session do you use? (not placement but grand total)

I light my coals with either a propane campng stove which i dont like. Or I use my wallgreens single coil electric burner. I love the single coil burner. It lights the coals perfectly!

When i use them, I use 3 coals at a time. In a 1 1/2 hour session i will use 6 coals. So depending on how long we smoke, depending on how may people i have over i wil go through a lot of them. The more people smoking the faster the coals are burned. Then again, i usually change the coals as soon as the smoke starts to thin out. The flavor will still be there, but just not as thick of a cloud as i like.
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