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At first for maybe 10 mins, I was getting a decent smoke. Good clouds, orange flavor, cool smoke. After that, it seemed to start burning so I took off the windcover, moved the coals a smidgen towards the edge, cleared the chamber and smoked. It tasted charred already and REALLY hot. Then I moved the coals around to try and smoke untouched areas of tobacco and even after 10 pulls, it was doing the same thing. The tobacco seemed like it was baking not burning (which was validated when I threw in the towel and opened the foil to see what was going on) and everything was just REALLY hot in there and smelled extremely.. spicy? I'm thinking heat management as I don't have much experience at all with this brand, but I of course fell back on my SB as I can get it to go perfectly every time. Been smoking Marlette for the past 30 mins.
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