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Default Re: sick from smoking?

Originally Posted by unicycleboy3190 View Post
i went to the doctor about 3 days ago and they said it was a sinus infection but they swobed me for strep and it came back N so idk all i know it that it sucks
When they swabbed you did they send it to a lab and give the results a few days later or did they give you the results right away? cause the test that is only 5 minutes until results has a 20% false positive... Which is extremely high. So it could be wrong. If your fever is still really high and your throat is hurting epically you should go back! Have someone check your throat for white spots with a flashlight.

I just got tonsillitis the on Sunday. They swabbed me and it was negative for strep, but they also did another swab for the lab to be positive. You could have it and not know if they didn't send the swab to the lab.

As for the puking it could be the nicotine. I quit smoking cigarettes and then chained smoked while driving from PA to MA on Tuesday came back and puked for 6 hours... partially during my physics lab... OOPS... hehe.

I doubt its from smoking with a fever like that... But you should definitely go back to the doctor. You could definitely have strep or tonsillitis...

Feel better!!!
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