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Default Re: 2 quick lites??

Originally Posted by SynysterBuzz View Post
where are you placeing the coal?
i have no experience with those coals but if you place them on the edge then you should be good to go.
it could be that it burns hotter than others and you just have to rotate the coal.
it could also be you over packed the bowl, or even that you are smoking a really heat sensitive tobacco.
explain your packing and type of tobacco, brand and cut, even wetness and maybe we can help a little more.
let me know how that all works out.
they are placed on the outer rim of the bowl

i got this only sometimes, could be the shisha, cause i don't remember it happening like this before using it. it's not a brand, it's from an arabic market here in Israel, kinda wet, a bit (very little) dripping of the bottom of the bowl. it's not over packed, just under the edge of the bowl (egyptian clay)

These are the coals
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