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Default Re: Id like to try Tangiers shisha but,

I just have to say, whether or not you have a vast amount of experience with tangiers or not, you will have a BBQ tasting batch once in a while. I think certain flavors are more prone to developing this taste defect then others. I personally believe the more simple the flavor, the better chance it has to break down into this bbq flavor. For instance, watermelon and cooling are very simple flavors that I've had break down into bbq, so maybe thats the problem. So after understanding and loading AMAZING bowls of tangiers, you cant tell me that its my fault that the tobacco tastes like BBQ, because its not. I mean it even smells like BBQ before you even smoke it. So this is something all tangiers smokers will probably encounter once or twice in there endeavors into new flavors. I have to say though, when you do have a good flavor, and it hasn't broken down into bbq, its the best smoking experience available... hands down.
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