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Default Re: Have you ever heard about "Dattel" hookahs?

Im not sure your currency exchange to american dollars. If this is an acrilic base then I would pay no more than 50 american dollars for any of the 3 hookahs. If it is glass then no more than 75 american dollars. Personally I would say try a brand of hookah that is known to be reliable and well made. You can get an Al Fakher hookah thats solid brass for just over 100 american dollars. The clear well and are machine made and are very well made. Slight restriction but most people agree that it doesn't bother them. Or if you want to go with something a little more unique you could purchase a KM hookah. These are handmade in egypt and are very uniquely decorated and have no restriction with their draw and purge the best and quickest. They are quit costly though, a top of the line KM will run you 120-160. I would contact Hajo Fletner, a fellow member on HP, he should be able to help you find vendors that can supply you with good hookahs and accessories. Good luck.
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